Inarticulate Nature Boy

on Tuesday, 19 March 1996.


1. Window
2. Soon Enough       
3. Paint The Tree Green   
4. What Do I Know   
5. Dead American
6. Matchbox Head
7. Bigger Than Me   
8. Inarticulate Nature Boy   
9. Waiting   
10. Doubt   
11. Helpless   
12. Trumpet

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  • Brian


    24 July 2013 at 07:14 |
    Hi there, I am from the UK and had the privilege of seeing Josh perform on the inarticulate boy tour at the Zephyr club in Salt Lake City. I bought the album at the show and I have always loved it, I remember leaving on a real high and full of energy and I guess that was what Josh and his music still does. Thanks Josh!

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