on Friday, 07 May 1999.

Hello, yes this is that magic place where you press a button and can join the Official Josh Clayton Web Site Mailing List. This is a really good thing for the following reasons:

1. Because it makes Josh feel good, and it's much better than TV

2. Because with the tap of a button on our end, we can keep you updated on shows, new releases, and special releases available only through the web site.

3. Because soon when the technology gets there, Josh hopes to simply record songs and send them to members via the web.

4. Because when we announce that everybody should come to a gig dressed in purple, and wearing curly afro wigs, you'll be the first to know.

5. Because soon Josh will be getting a digital camera and he will bring you to shows, to the studio, and the beach.

6. Because this way, you too can let us know if you'd like to help, by making shows more visible,  putting up posters, and telling us if there are any Josh CDs available in your town, when he comes there to play. (Mumm that sounds fun.)

7. Because with the music industry being and becoming what it is, the internet holds a great deal of potential for artists to get their work directly to you, with out the pressures and often long detour through big business that can distort, and change the original intent and message. It's like getting pure water from the source, rather than getting it after it's been through miles and miles of pipes. Ahhhh, tasty.

Finally, we won't give your address to anybody else...unless you make us.

(PS, Josh wrote this, but wrote it in the third person to make it sound official. Nice huh?)

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